List of Procurement Blogs and Websites

Being updated in the procurement and supply chain is most important for the professionals. Reading the blogs is one of the effective tools to gain updates, improving the topic knowledge, understanding the different insights of professionals. Continuity in learning will develop confidence & improve the command towards the profession.

Here is the list of the procurement blogs & Websites compiled with the links, I hope you find the resources helpful.

Procurement Leaders
Spend Matters
CPO Rising
Strategic Sourceror
Spend Culture
Procurement & Supply australasia
Supply chain Digital
Art of Procurement
Redit Procurement
CEB Global
Supply chain 24
Blog Synertrade
Mudassir ahmed
Procuerment Heads
Smart by GEP
Empowering CPO
Wax Digital
Spend HQ
xoomworks Procurement
Procue insights
Supply chain Game Changer
Budget Source
Gateway Procurement

Self knowledge is the beginning of self improvement- Baltasar Gracian

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